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The Egg Donor

detailsWho are the egg donors?
Most egg donors are young healthy women under 32 years of age. Many of them are university students here in Cape Town.

Can we choose a donor?
It is the law in South Africa that egg donation is anonymous. However, the agency will provide you with a profile containing details about their physical characteristics, medical background, education, hobbies etc.

What’s the legal situation on egg donation in South Africa?
The National Health Act of 2004 regulates all gamete donations and the procedure is legal in this country.

What happens to the egg donor?
The egg donor has a detailed medical examination and psychological assessment prior to joining the programme.

IVFThe investigations performed on the donor are:
– HIV I and II
– HepBs Ag
– Hep C Ab
– Cystic Fibrosis
– Blood group and antibodies

Any other investigation can be done on the donor if requested but will the be charged separately

What treatment does the egg donor undergo?
The egg donor has fertility injections for 10 days to grow the follicles.She has regular ultrasounds to check the development of the eggs. The egg collection is performed under ultrasound guidance. This is a 10 minute operation where the eggs are collected using a vaginal ultrasound and a fine needle. This is done using anaesthetic in theatre.

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