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Egg Donation Programme

detailsWho needs egg donation?
– who are menopausal or have poor ovarian reserve
– who are not falling pregnant after repeat IVF treatments
– who are not responding to the drugs used in IVF
– whose ovaries have been removed surgically or who have undergone chemotherapy and ovaries are not functioning

spermWhat is the process of egg donation?
This process involves obtaining eggs (oocytes) from a healthy young donor, fertilizing them, and then transferring the fertilized embryo into your uterus.

The reason that this procedure is highly successful is that the success rate in IVF (in-vitro fertilization) depends on the age of the egg donor. All egg donors are young and healthy and therefore the high pregnancy rate. Your age, as the recipient of the egg does NOT affect the pregnancy rate.

How long is the waiting list for egg donation?
The Fertility Clinic works with an egg donation agency. They offer a very professional and confidential service and is the only agency run by a medical professional.  They charge a fee for their services, but there is no waiting list. You can choose a donor from an existing list. We recommend: