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Egg Donation Program – Cape Fertility Clinic

virtualtourWelcome to our egg donation program! Modern technology allows us to provide a highly successful program for women wanting egg donation – our pregnancy rates with egg donation are just below 70% per cycle. The first IVF pregnancy was described in 1978 in England and the first pregnancy through egg donation in Australia in 1984.

In 1986 the first pregnancy with egg donation was described in South Africa by Dr.Wiswedel which was a multiple pregnancy and detailswent successfully to term. Now in 2014 more than 400 egg donation cycles are performed yearly by our team of highly experienced specialists: Drs Wiswedel, Heylen, Le Roux and Matebese.

Egg donation is now a routine treatment at our clinic like IVF and ICSI.

“Why Choose Cape Fertility Clinic?”

  Pregnancy rate between 60 and 70%

stork  Excellent Quality Service and organization with dedicated IVF coordinators

stork  Huge Variety of Donors – No waiting list

stork  Prompt Treatment

stork  Low Prices by comparison

stork  Visit Cape Town’s beaches, mountains and wine lands

stork  Affordable Accommodation